Monday, August 21, 2006


After Saturday's Morning Date, I met Summer and Graham at Woodlawn and we hit the road north. Graham was a fantastic alligator and Summer was the DJ. A great part about living in the Bronx is that we're already 'on the mainland' and don't have to wend through NYC to get on the road to New England.

We got to Cambridge and had a quick dinner at the Druid; my great friend Jen joined us. We picked up Amy and trucked over to the Lily Pad for the show. This isn't a show review, but it was a good time.

After the show we went, at Summer's insistence, to Christina's for ice cream. Nathan got some ketchup-infused goodness. We ran Andrew back to his place, then, finally, (here's the payoff!) we got to see Nathan and Coppelia's new place! They bought a nice big house on a quiet street in Roslindale. I'd love to be their neighbor.

The picture to the side is a stained-glass window in their house.

The whole drive up and down I was singing Oh, Susquehanna to myself, much to the annoyance, I'm sure, of my passengers. Also, I tried a Coke Blak on the drive home (after a bit of a detour because I didn't trust my alligator) which was surprisingly good.


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